Excitera is recruiting

You have now the opportunity to join the main entrepreneurial platform at KTH! Excitera is a non-profit student organization. We want more students at KTH to start their own company.

First of all – A huge thanks to all of you who visited and helped during this week! It was amazing to get to meet and talk to so many

EXCITE WEEK 9th-12th of May 2016

The Excite Week is back! During one week Excitera will bring focus on entrepreneurship to KTH. We will host several events – all with the goal to encourage students to

Excitera is recruiting

New year = New team. As this year comes to an end it’s time for some of us to leave Excitera. As sad as that sounds, it also means a

Last week we visited the great startup conference SLUSH in Helsinki. The conference had inspiring talks by for instance the co-founder of Flickr Caterina Fake and the co-founder of Skype

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