First of all – A huge thanks to all of you who visited and helped during this week! It was amazing to get to meet and talk to so many driven students. We are very happy with all the events and the positive feedback we got.

For you who missed some of the events or just want to reminisce, here comes the report of the Excite Week 2016! To see all pictures from the Excite Week, see this album.


Monday – Starting the week with three events!

Co-working session with Guerilla Office
Co-working session with Guerilla Office @OpenLab.


Together with Guerilla Office and OpenLab we hosted a co-working session during the the whole day. Students came together to share what they are working on and get advice and inspiration to move further.

A very interesting concept that we hope will return to KTH Campus again!


Sushi lunch lecture was very popular!
The Sushi Lunch Lecture was very popular!


We had a lunch lecture with free sushi and three inspiring speakers. Alex Glow gave us some insights in the world of hardware and open source, Zeina Mourtada shared her inspring journey as a solo-entrepreneur and Niklas Laninge engaged the audience by building a business model in (less than) 20 minutes.

Among the around 120 people who attended there were a lot of students who were pretty new to the concept of entrepreneurship – so to be able to introduce them now was truly awesome. Many of the students stayed for a Q&A with our speakers afterwards.


Might have been one of the best lunches at Campus this year!

Coffee and attention during the Lean Startup Workshop
Coffee, food and smiles during the Lean Startup Workshop.


During the Monday evening we arranged a workshop with the theme Lean Startup. Some of the startups at the incubator of KTH attended the event and  got some insights that hopefully will help their companies to success.

The goal of this event was to also provide value for the already entrepreneurship interested people at KTH  – and we believe that we achieved that!


Tuesday – Games <3 Startups

Rovio and PwC were two of the companies presenting during Game Startup Pub
Rovio and PwC were two of the companies presenting during Game Startup Pub


As you all are aware of, game companies are the new black. Excitera wants to be where the magic happens so we decided to team up with Swedish Game Awards to create a Game Startup Pub.

With the help of our sponsors Rovio, PwC and KTH Innovation we arranged an event in SingSing at Campus. We invited game startups and gamers to meet and try out cool games.


One of the many games that was played during the evening
One of the many games that was played during the evening.


Driven students, a few beers and a lot of games – naturally the event was a success!

We hope that we were able to light a spark with some of the many talented game developers in Stockholm to pursue their game company dreams!


Wednesday – Time to REACT!

Our inspiring speakers on stage!
Our inspiring speakers on stage!


Wednesday evening was when we arranged the biggest event through out the week. In the cool and mysterious Reaktorhallen (25 meters beneath campus) we had invited speakers and prepared drinks and food for 100 driven female students during our event REACT!

Here is the list of speakers this year:

  • Izabelle Back (Tesla Motors)
  • Elsa Bernadotte (Karma)
  • Marianne Uddman (Creathor Venture)
  • Ing-Marie Bergqvist (Directa)
  • Nicole Forsberg (KTH Innovation)
  • Zeina Mourtada (Zeinas Kitchen).


Audience at REACT!
The audience listening to the panel discussion.


REACT! is a yearly event where Excitera wants to inspire female leadership and entrepreneurship.

The combination of an enticing panel discussion, driven students from different schools and a delicious vegetarian buffet made this years REACT! to as much of a success as the previous year!

We are already looking forward to next years REACT!


Thursday – After Week

We hope to see YOU at next years Excite Week!
We hope to see YOU at next years Excite Week!


We ended the week by having an relaxed After Work at our Office. A great way to celebrate a exciting week.

Again, many thanks and hugs to all of you who made this possible!

And a special thanks to KTH Opportunities Fund who helped us a lot! If you have a project or idea related to KTH that needs funding, visit them HERE

Excitera is a very devoted and hard working team and we are very happy with how the week turned out.

Next year we will make it even bigger and better!

Until then, have a great summer and see you at Campus soon!

// Excitera team, 2016

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