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We set up events that help you develop as an entrepreneur. This ranges from practical knowledge lectures, workshops and competitions.

Inspiration & Knowledge
Turn ideas into business

These events focus on providing inspiring stories and insightful information. Meet and listen to people who have founded companies, worked in Startups, or in other ways have valuable insight to share.

Startup community at KTH

Meet like-minded students, industry contacts and future co-founders at KTH by being a member in our community. 

About Excitera

Excitera is the student driven organization for entrepreneurship at KTH. We are passionate about inspiring and guiding students in how to turn ideas into business! We organize a number of different events, everything from relaxed pubs to challenging competitions and workshops.
The organization was founded in 2000 by Olof Lundström, as a response to the demand of an entrepreneurship society for students at KTH. Throughout the years there have been a lot of different events, for example Excitera Innovation Challenge, Mobile Cup, Startup Pub and also Swedish Game Awards - the largest competition of its kind in the Nordic region. We’ve also had a close connection to KTH Innovation, who works with supporting students and researchers at KTH to commercialize their ideas.

Want to join us?
Drop us a line at hello@excitera.se

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Hadar Greinsmark
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Martin Hedlund
Vice President
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Rebecca Lind
Business Relations Manager
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Naima Yosef
Event Manager

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Upcoming Events
Swedish Game Awards

Create a game and compete in different categories!
This year the event will be in Gotland, more specifically Visby! Visby is home to a game development education; GAME – the department of Game Design at Uppsala University. During the expo, all SGA’17 nominated games will be on display for the general public to play, followed by a gala dinner during which the winners are announced.


Important dates

19th May – Game Submission deadline
3rd June – Finale Expo and gala

Slush x Junction Hack Tour

Learn about API’s! What is an api? How do you use one?
Explore access to open data through apis and learn how to use code to send and receive sms. You’ll become familiar with terms like; response headers, json/xml, versioning, and get to explore real live APIs hands on with modern tools. Bring your own computer, sharing a computer works fine as well! No previous coding experience required. Welcome to level up your skills in an area that is already, and increasingly relevant today!


16:00-18:30 API Workshop by 46elks.
19:00 Networking event + Afterparty at TBA
Address: Fantum Lindstedtsvägen 24, 4th floor.

Follow our journey

The Hack Tour: Stockholm

For the second year in a row, Slush – world’s leading startup and tech event and Junction – Europe’s largest hackathon have teamed up with us, Excitera. There was two

Upcoming Events

Excitera is back from a long summer and ready to host a countless of events! The best thing is that the most events will be at KTH. We have listed our

Looking for investors? Exhibit at STING Day!

On 11 May, STING Day will connect Swedish tech startups with investors from 10+ countries. We exclusively invite the 400 most driven entrepreneurs and brightest investors for a high-energy event


What would it be like to launch your own startup? Create² will give you a taste of it in 54 hours. Create Squared is Sweden’s largest entrepreneurship marathon taking place

Excitera is recruiting

You have now the opportunity to join the main entrepreneurial platform at KTH! Excitera is a non-profit student organization. We want more students at KTH to start their own company.


First of all – A huge thanks to all of you who visited and helped during this week! It was amazing to get to meet and talk to so many

EXCITE WEEK 9th-12th of May 2016

The Excite Week is back! During one week Excitera will bring focus on entrepreneurship to KTH. We will host several events – all with the goal to encourage students to

Excitera is recruiting

New year = New team. As this year comes to an end it’s time for some of us to leave Excitera. As sad as that sounds, it also means a

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