New year = New team. As this year comes to an end it’s time for some of us to leave Excitera. As sad as that sounds, it also means a great opportunity for all of you at KTH to join the Excitera team of 2016.

Excitera is a non-profit student organization. We want more students at KTH to start their own company. For that to happen we organize different events to inspire, help boost the brainstorming or to network. All of the events from this year can be found under the events tab. To help students in the jungle of Stockholm’s startup scene we’re in the process of developing the Stockholm Startup Guide.

In Excitera everyone works on everything, you help out where it’s needed. However the role you apply for is going to be your main focus during the year. We are currently looking for:

Business Relations Managers

As a Business Relations Manager you’ll work with finding sponsorship from companies. Without sponsorships we can’t go through with our events. This role means that you’ll meet a lot of interesting companies as well as startup organizations and startups.

Project Manager of Excite

Excite is a week filled with different events on the theme of entrepreneurship. As this is a bigger event someone responsible is needed. As the Project Manager you’ll have the greater picture of the event and tell the others what needs to be done. This role means you’ll get good experience in event management – planning and coordinating something that involves a great number of people, organizations and companies.


As a Copywriter you’ll work with event descriptions that capture the interest of the students. Excitera also shares a lot of startup related content on our channels which means that you, as a Copywriter, will be in charge of planning this – when, what and where to post. You’ll also work with writing meeting minutes, to keep track of what has been decided on meetings.

Web Designer

As a Web Designer your main focus will be to keep the website looking exceptional. You’ll be responsible of maintaining and adding new material to our webpage, but also work with other IT related solutions. During the year you’ll gain experience in all of these fields.

Art Director

To make people interested in going to our events, we need to grab their attention. As an Art Director you’ll design posters, flyers and material to spread through social media. As for now Excitera doesn’t have a graphical profile so this is something you’ll get the opportunity of designing.

Financial Manager

As a Financial Manager you’ll plan where to get our money, and where to spend them. You’ll also keep an eye on the economy as you together with the Chairman of the Board have the financial responsibility of Excitera. You’ll learn accounting and a great deal of managing a budget.


Send your application including a short presentation of yourself in english or swedish to hello@excitera.se before November 30th or contact us and we’ll gladly answer your questions over a fika! 

We’re also having an open meeting Thursday 26th November 17:15 at Student inc, Lindstedtsvägen 24 in the F-building, if you want a better idea of what Excitera is about.

Hope to hear from you!


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